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About Us

TPTM Logistics

Established on April 10, 2018

With initial registered capital of 25 million baht

TPTM Logistics Co., Ltd. provides fuel transportation services to large oil traders in the country. by transporting fuel from oil refineries located in the east to customers' depots located along the river or seaside.

Currently, the company operates a business of transporting goods by truck within Thailand. and is expanding its business into neighboring countries.

Corporate vision

Supply Green Energy aims to The Nation Endurance

The company has set the organization's vision that is "committed to providing energy transportation services. to build the stability of the country and care for the environment” (Supply Green Energy aims to The Nation Endurance), with the vision described as follows:

Energy transportation service provides transportation of oil, oil on the ground.

Build the stability of the country Committed to stable energy transport through safe processes and meet international standards.

Environmentally conscious Energy transport with environmental considerations to reduce traffic problems loss and pollution.


Commitment to society is our main goal.

Shareholders Good and consistent returns
Customers to create maximum satisfaction
Business partners Conduct business together fairly.
To society, community, environment Be socially responsible, community and friendly to the environment.
Employees Develop personnel to be professional. and ethical
Per country Energy transportation to the region


Committed, Focused, Unstoppable

Fulfill to Safety and Environmental
Prompt Services beyond transparency and full Responsibility
Technology innovation support Thai Society

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