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About Us

TPTM Logistics

Established on April 10, 2018

With initial registered capital of 25 million baht

This company facilitates the transportation of fuel from oil refineries to major oil traders throughout the nation. The customers’ oil depots are situated along the river in the eastern part of the region. The company is involved in the road transportation of commodities within Thailand and is currently growing its operations into adjacent nations.

The company's current line of business is road freight delivery within Thailand, and it is extending its operations into nearby nations.

Corporate mission

Supply Green Energy aims to The Nation Endurance

The company's corporate mission is described as follows: "Dedicated to delivering energy transportation services to foster national stability and environmental protection" (Supply Green Energy towards Nation Endurance).

Ground transportation services for gas and oil are offered by energy transportation services.

Establish national stability that complies with international standards and is dedicated to stable energy transmission through safe procedures.

Be mindful of the environment when transporting energy by considering traffic patterns to minimize pollution and loss.


Commitment to society is our main goal.

To provide shareholders with exceptional and accurate returns.
To provide customers with a good experience for maximum satisfaction
To conduct business honestly and fairly between business partners
To show a commitment for society, the community, and the environment
To develop personnel with professional business ethics
To transport energy to each country in need within the region


Committed, Focused, Unstoppable

Safety and Environmental Fulfillment
On-time services that go above and beyond openness and accountability
Innovation in technology that benefits Thai society

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